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14. October 2021
Erfolgreiches SEO mit dem Magnolia CMS

Wer sich ein bisschen mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung auskennt, weiss, dass Erfolge grundsätzlich mit jedem CMS möglich sind. Sei das Wordpress, Typo3 oder eben Magnolia.

11. October 2021
How to address the security challenge in a multi-cloud business environment

Multi-Cloud // The covid pandemic has shown that enterprises need to move faster than ever to stay competitive and get ahead. Time to market has shortened dramatically from years to days. In a bid to get ahead, today’s enterprises are increasingly turning to multiple, not one, cloud provider to handle aspects of their networking and app development needs.

29. September 2021
From manual process to digital reporting platform in a few short weeks

FOPH // When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, reporting system requirements altered dramatically. Within just a few weeks, the number of reports to be processed had climbed from 500 to 50,000 per day. And so the race was on to adapt the digital infrastructure to the new requirements. Joining forces with ti&m, the Federal Office of Public Health responded by setting up a digital reporting platform in just three weeks.

14. September 2021
Password killer – when will you shred your password sheet?

Password-free // Be it customers, partners or employees – many users of digital services require secure and reliable identification. Today, this often still consists of a combination of a username and password, although password-free methods are already a reality.

07. September 2021
Insurance in the age of ransomware

Cyber insurance // In the shadow of the global coronavirus pandemic, another threat is spreading. Although it receives less attention, it is similar in nature and can affect anyone: the ransomware epidemic. The consequences can be devastating, leading the relevant decision-makers in organizations to ask: can we get insurance against ransomware and other cyber risks?