07. June 2018

[OD3[4MP - A summary of the second ti&m code camp


From 14th – 16th April the second ti&m code camp took place in Flumserberg. 20 developers and consultants teamed up to tackle the challenges presented to them or to come up with their own. This time around, the topic was blockchain.

Blockchain is on everyone’s lips these days. This very exciting and promising technology opens up a lot of new opportunities and challenges. As expected, the interest was big when our most seasoned blockchain experts prepared challenges and offered their helping hands for our second ti&m code camp. On top of that, it promised to be yet another weekend of good fun and an opportunity to get to know each other better. 

The code camp was once again hosted at juhui Flumserberg, an idyllic location in the mountains close to Zürich. The camp started on Thursday morning and concluded on Friday evening with a presentation of results, followed by an after-coding-party. Saturday was left for enjoying the surroundings and travel back to Zürich.

After a mandatory coffee and “Gipfeli”, the participants were eager to get their hands dirty. Here are the challenges the teams worked on:


How can citizens trust IT systems for something as important as voting? The system should be open, expensive to spam/hack and it should be verifiable.

Financial marketplace

Instead of being monolithic, we split a bank into a number of services such as storage of value (owning of private keys), due diligence of compliancy processes, payments, portfolio services, investment services and document storage.

Create an open API where any company can provide one or more of these services and integrate with all the other companies.

National ID

Get your plastic Swiss ID card into your phone. Proving your identity online is as easy as in real life (e.g. proving that you are more than 16 years old to buy alcohol in a shop).

Serverless Fisherman

An ecology mobile game hosted on the blockchain.

KYC for hack an app

Let’s create our own blockchain for hack an app - our program for introducing children to the world of IT.


Blockchain digital identity creation process managed by ti&m channel suite modules. Provide a way to grant access to the user information to other parties through the blockchain.

Many of the teams worked into the night to finish their challenges on time for the final presentation. The results were impressive, great work everyone!

A fun app which demonstrates the usage of smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain was presented by the team behind the serverless fisherman challenge. Here is the rough idea behind the game:

Each blockchain user plays as a fisherman / fisherwoman. We start with 20 fishes in the ocean. The goal of the game is to have the maximum absolute amount of fishes at the end of the game (but not necessarily more than the other players). The players choose to fish 0, 1 or 2 fishes, without revealing their choice to the other players. After each turn, the remaining fishes are multiplied by 1.5 and the number of remaining fishes is revealed. The game ends after 10 turns or when there are no more fishes in the ocean.

The goal is to teach a small ecology lesson to the players, while showing an example of a blockchain application.

After presenting the outcome of all the hard work, it was time for a well-deserved Apéro followed by the after-code party.

Martin Fabini
Martin Fabini

Martin Fabini has worked in IT for over 20 years. At ti&m, he introduces clients to new business cases with new technologies.