22. April 2021

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Research // Being innovative also means discovering completely new things and making them useful in practice. An important component here is to master the theoretical foundation and the basic developments of your own specialist area and actively drive these forward.

For ti&m, consulting means coming up with new solutions for challenging problems with our clients and for our clients. To do so, it is essential to understand the technical challenges facing the sector in question, and to have excellent command of the products and processes associated with it. Our consultants therefore possess a broad technical knowledge with a solid background. It is equally important that we identify the latest technological trends and master them early on, because we want to use them to develop innovative consulting solu­tions. At ti&m, consulting therefore involves bringing together technical and technological knowledge.

Bringing sector expertise and technological know-how together
“Understanding technological trends” means more than simply knowing what’s all the rage at the current moment. Much more important is recognizing which new technologies are relevant for a certain sector, and which aren’t. It is also vital to work out whether new technologies will “only” change the existing business (for example, through the increasing digitalization of the customer interface), or whether they will change core processes and products directly (for example, through cyber security as a new product).

How practicable technological trends are depends heavily on what they are being used for — and therefore on our clients’ field of business. In order to unearth the essential trends, ti&m has close working relationships with various universities, associations and research institu­tions. As part of these research alliances, we examine technological trends for future potential use in a particular sector. We also look into how business in certain sectors will change as a result of new technologies.

Researching the suitability of new technologies
We furthermore have the chance to test out new technologies in our innovation department directly; this enables us to determine which are workable (or will be shortly) — and which aren’t. Our research work has resulted, amongst other things, in “trend studies”, which ti&m publishes alongside its research partners. The “Insurance Trend Study” published in early 2020. We are also in the process of preparing a third trend study for the “Mobility” sector. 

ti&m Trend Studies
ti&m drew up the “Banking Trend Study” working together with the IFZ (Institute of Financial Services Zug) at the University of Lucerne; the third issue of this trend study is currently being published. Alongside Versicherungsforen Leipzig, ti&m is preparing the second issue of the “Insurance Trend Study”, which is set to be published in autumn 2021. The “Mobility Trend Study” is currently in the preparation stages; we are working on this in partnership with an industry association in the DACH region. And, as part of the Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services, ti&m is heading the expert group “Digital Health” alongside representatives from the University of St. Gallen and the Barmelweid Clinic.

Download banking trend study 2021 here

Dr. Holger Rommel
Dr. Holger Rommel

Dr. Holger Rommel joined ti&m as Head Reseach and Digital Transformation in January 2019. In addition to technology consulting, his work also focuses on the organizational and strategic aspects of digital transformation.