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25. August 2021
Strong authentication, no compromises

ti&m security suite // Together with climate change, cyber security ranks as one of the five biggest global threats. Cyber criminals are employing ever more complex methods to get their hands on sensitive data. In an age of digital platforms, proper protection and secure access to confidential services are absolutely essential to reduce these cyber risks.

18. August 2021
AI as both a line of defense and a new threat

Artificial intelligence // Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular tool for the early detection of risks and to combat threats. Systems such as anomaly detection and behavioral biometrics proactively identify potential attacks or risks and can also be used to fight back against social engineering. But it’s not just the defenders who turn to AI; attackers aren’t shy about using the technology either.

12. August 2021
Contact tracing in Singapore – a (digital) success Story

Coronavirus measures // As things stand today, Singapore has coped extremely well with the COVID-19 crisis. The government acted swiftly, taking measures that were supported by the tech systems “SafeEntry” and “TraceTogether”. But even inSingapore, the crisis hasn’t left society or the economy altogether unscathed.

06. August 2021
The never-ending arms race between attackers and defenders

Insurance // When you look at the most famous cyberattacks of the past 20 years, a dramatic change can be seen in the last two to three years. At the same time, defensive tools have also evolved. Who is currently ahead of the game? A prototype being developed at FHNW is demonstrating where this development could be leading.

29. July 2021
“We are relieved that the e-ID Act was rejected”

Interview // Police Measures Act, e-ID Act, e-voting: The Chaos Computer Club has repeatedly weighed into important political debates when it considers the right to privacy and freedom of information to be under threat. We spoke to Board Member Hernâni Marques about the political situation and the status of cyber security in Switzerland.