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13. May 2022
The long road to the digital state

e-Government in Germany // The economic workhorse of Europe is having a hard time transitioning its statutory functions to the digital age. Several hurdles have already been cleared with the implementation of the first digital administration services, but further steps, in the form of register modernization, are urgently needed by the end of the transformation.

05. May 2022
Digitalization, done safely!

Security by design // Whether industry, public administration or the private sector, many fields are experiencing profound changes, and finding themselves swept up in an inexorable digital transformation. Although this offers some great opportunities, it also significantly heightens the potential for attack and increases possible weak spots.

12. April 2022
Digitalization is business

Swiss Armed Forces // Internet applications and digital products and services today shape much of our daily organizational, social and economic activities. The sheer scale and repercussions of rapidly developing digital platforms, big data and the ever-growing algorithm-based services are more far-reaching than any other pioneering technologies in the history of humanity.

05. April 2022
The private cloud for public institutions

ti&m swiss eGov cloud // For public-sector digitalization and cloud projects, it is not only critical to choose a cloud-service provider that meets strict privacy requirements and high security standards. There is also a need for cloud integrators that implement projects end to end and in close collaboration with their clients.

31. March 2022
Wanted: People who get things done

Yes we can // Many of us blinked in astonishment when we received our Covid certificate on time and unprompted via SMS this summer. The Federal Office of Public Health had promised exactly that, but few believed it would actually happen. Where did this competence suddenly appear from, this self-assurance and, in particular, this speed? And now that the federal administration has demon­strated such an ability, the question remains: why can’t it always be this way?