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14. September 2021
Password killer – when will you shred your password sheet?

Password-free // Be it customers, partners or employees – many users of digital services require secure and reliable identification. Today, this often still consists of a combination of a username and password, although password-free methods are already a reality.

07. September 2021
Insurance in the age of ransomware

Cyber insurance // In the shadow of the global coronavirus pandemic, another threat is spreading. Although it receives less attention, it is similar in nature and can affect anyone: the ransomware epidemic. The consequences can be devastating, leading the relevant decision-makers in organizations to ask: can we get insurance against ransomware and other cyber risks?

01. September 2021
The cloud: blessing or curse? It’s a matter of perspective

Cloud security // Short go-to-market cycles, start-up and shutdown at the click of a mouse, scaling in all directions and pay as you go: the list of advantages of using the cloud is compelling, isn’t it?

25. August 2021
Strong authentication, no compromises

ti&m security suite // Together with climate change, cyber security ranks as one of the five biggest global threats. Cyber criminals are employing ever more complex methods to get their hands on sensitive data. In an age of digital platforms, proper protection and secure access to confidential services are absolutely essential to reduce these cyber risks.

18. August 2021
AI as both a line of defense and a new threat

Artificial intelligence // Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly popular tool for the early detection of risks and to combat threats. Systems such as anomaly detection and behavioral biometrics proactively identify potential attacks or risks and can also be used to fight back against social engineering. But it’s not just the defenders who turn to AI; attackers aren’t shy about using the technology either.